Philip Barraclough Art 

 My Art is based on a simple idea, such as a tree, a face or a landscape – but what follows is usually of great complexity. I prefer to work in mono chrome, and I am always looking for media that produce a black line, so I usually work in pencil, pastel, charcoal or ink – with limited use of acrylic and watercolour.  


Androgynous figure in abstract landscape. 

 From the simple idea there is no destination in mind using this approach surprises often happen, and works can take unexpected turns and forms can appear   ~ LANDSCAPES IN FACES AND FACES IN LANDSCAPES ~   


  Complexity reflects modern life when it often seems to me that modern art tries to simplify.   


 Music Inspires  

Newly discovered John Luther Adams – Become Ocean.  
Art has to say something about the environment there is nothing more important. 


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